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Outsource your job. Responsibly.

Create a 2-person development team at $24 per hour to help you with existing projects. Why 2 devs? Because even the best developers need code reviews and accountability.

One main developer who does the coding


One support developer to test and code review the work of the lead

No project managers, account managers, or anyone else is involved - or has access to your data - just the two devs working on your project.

First 4 hours of development are completely free

No obligations or long-term contract. Get free work done so we can prove to you our system works.

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Why use Blue Inbox pair-programming?:

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Each week, both the lead and support dev will grade each other's performance, ensuring they maintain a high level  of work quality. We send you those reviews.

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If one dev is sick or on vacation, the other developer can pick up the slack till the other comes back.

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Less overhead:
If you hire an agency, there will naturally be costly overhead - project managers, salespeople, account managers, etc. Here, there are only 2 people working: the lead and backup dev.

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